The D.R. Advisory Group helped us make our retirement dream a reality. They helped us every step of the way and became our most valued contact.
— Greg and Betsy Johnstone

Real Estate Consulting / Buyers Agents

Real estate transactions in the Dominican Republic do not follow the same chain of custody procedures as those conducted in the United States or Canada. The real estate industry as whole is mostly unregulated and there is a large population of unlicensed real estate “agents” advertising and soliciting for property transactions. Buyer beware. Our consulting service is designed to help potential investors navigate the pitfalls associated with purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

  1. Understanding the process.

  2. Locating the correct property.

  3. Due diligence before a verbal offer. 

  4. Finding the correct attorney to represent you through the process.


Property Management

Marketing, managing and maintenance. The three keys of successful property management. We work hard to ensure that our clients properties are marketed correctly, priced accordingly and maintained at a high level. We provide eyes on the ground reporting and constant feedback to our clients.

Relocation assistance

What can we help with? Do you need to find a mover, turn on your utilities, activate a cell phone, obtain health insurance, purchase a vehicle… We have the network to assist you with all of these things and more.  

Area immersion tours

Whether your scouting the perfect location for your commercial venture or here on holiday with your family. Our english speaking guides will instantly become an invaluable resource. We can provide you with a lay of the land, introduce you to the local community and provide an immersive day tailored to your interests. 

Marketing Consulting

Our advisors can provide real time data and market insight as it pertains to doing business on the North Coast. We can help design the perfect marketing program targeting International visitors or Dominican residents alike. Knowing your customer is the most valuable resource for any marketing program, let us introduce you to this island and the people who visit/live here.